Grime, oil residue, salt buildup, rust, and corrosion. These are all good reasons to clean and protect your Yamaha outboard on a regular basis. Performing routine maintenance will keep your Yamaha running reliably and at an optimal level for plenty of fun on the water with family and friends. A little TLC can recover lost engine power, maximize efficiency, protect from the harmful effects of corrosion and ensure a long and healthy running life for your Yamaha outboard.

If this sounds appealing to you, keep reading to discover the recommended products to protect your Yamaha outboard.


Protecting Your Yamaha Outboard

Yamahshield Rust & Corrosion Protection

The marine environment is one of the harshest on the planet, and that’s why protecting your Yamaha outboard is extremely important. For premium protection against rust and corrosion, we highly recommend Yamashield Rust & Corrosion Protectant. Yamashield replaces the T-9 formula that was designed by Boeing Aviation and is a combination of solvents, lubricants, and waxes. This means it has the ability to clean, lubricate, and protect your Yamaha outboard.

Yamashield attacks existing corrosion and adheres to metal exceptionally well for long lasting lubrication. This all-in-one product can be used on all engine components, including wiring, belts, and electronics. It can also be applied to paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, or vinyl.

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Application Tip: Use on entire engine surface areas beneath the cowling/engine cover.


Yamalube Marine Grease

Yamalube marine grease is specifically designed for the marine environment and is highly resistant to water. It provides superior quality lubrication while adhering to all frictional surfaces, despite engine vibrations, to keep your engine’s moving parts working smoothly. We recommend using Yamalube Marine Grease on prop shafts as well

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Application Tip: Use for screws, bolts, shafts, and other hard contact surfaces to prevent seizing and locking.

Yamalube Ring Free PlusACC-RNGFR-PL-32-00 (1).jpg

Yamalube’s Ring Free Plus formula provides superior deposit control for fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports, and combustion chambers. Deposits can either be the result of lower quality gasoline or just regular engine use. When left untreated they cause engine knocking, power loss, hesitation, shortened spark plug life, and piston ring sticking.

Ring Free Plus also helps to protect your fuel system against the corrosive effects of ethanol fuels. We recommend using it with Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus. Use one ounce of Ring Free Plus to every 10 gallons of gas for continual treatment.

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Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus

This product is specifically formulated to protect fuel systems from the harmful effects of ethanol fuel, which include its corrosive effects on metals as well as the gum and varnish that result from fuel oxidation. The product also helps to prevent phase separation which is common with ethanol fuel. See PartsVu’s Knowledge Center for our article on the problems of ethanol gasoline in your fuel system. In addition, Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus absorbs water in fuel line systems and extends spark plug life.

Typical usage requires one ounce of product for every three gallons of gas. We also suggest using this product before storing your boat away during the winter months, as it helps to prevent carburetor icing and gas line freeze. If you’re storing your boat for over two months, add one ounce of product per gallon of fuel. This will keep the fuel fresh for up to one year, so you don’t have to drain it for storage.

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Yamalube_Combustion_Chamber_Cleaner.pngYamalube Combustion Chamber Cleaner

This powerful cleaning solution removes horsepower-robbing carbon deposits that accumulate in an engine’s combustion chamber, pistons, cylinders, rings, and valves. In addition it cleans out gum and varnish, and helps free sticking rings. This is another great product to include in your seasonal maintenance routine. PartsVu highly recommends it to extend the life of your engine and control carbon build up.

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Application Tip: Spray directly into the engine air intake. Use this product FIRST before any scheduled maintenance. We recommend changing spark plugs after using this spray. Follow the provided instructions on the can.

Baby Your Baby – External Care

Yamaha Yamaclean External Engine Cleaner – Powerful engine degreaser and engine cleaner powers off grease, mud, and grime. It is safe for use on most rubber, plastic, and painted metal surfaces.  Click to shop Yamaclean External Engine CleanerDSC_0203-2.jpg

Yamaha Yamaclean Wash & Wax – Premium, concentrated formula offering a high-sudsing wash & wax for a deep cleaning after long days on the water. Superior cleaning and rinsing properties minimize streaking and spotting to leave a super bright, clear shine.  Click to shop Yamaclean Wash & Wax Concentrate

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Yamaha Outboard Covers – Super heavy-duty protection for your Yamaha outboard’s cowling. Constructed of ultra-durable Sur Last® solution dyed polyester fabric for the ultimate protection against fading and the elements, Genuine Yamaha outboard covers are non-abrasive, water resistant, resistant to UV, mildew and mold. The covers have a soft fabric inner liner for added paint protection and screened on factory logos for unmatched style. Al covers Include a snap-buckle strap and stretch cord for a snug fit. Click to shop all Yamaha Outboard Covers.

Yamalube Engine Oils

Yamaha has spent many thousands of hours and resources to ensure that only the best oil specifically suited for the marine environment goes into your engine. PartsVu can confirm that this oil was created for the most grueling conditions an outboard engine can face. Whether it’s extended full-throttle operation, engine-punishing “out of the hole” acceleration, or hours of trolling, genuine Yamalube Engine Oils can handle the job at hand.PVLK3004-2.jpg

Yamalube oil delivers superior lubrication and anti-rust protection for outboard engines in marine environments, and works to guard against ring stick, carbon buildup, and varnish. Did we mention? Yamalube 4 Stroke engine oils have the best anti-foaming formula available, and unlike passenger car oils, they are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Help to keep your boat afloat for the long run by paying close attention to its engine. It doesn’t matter how nice and shiny your boat appears on the outside if the components that allow for headway are wearing away. Remember, every time you take it out for a spin, your boat is subjected to wear and tear caused by the harsh marine environment. Make sure to give it the care it needs and extend the life of your Yamaha outboard.