Cleaning and protecting your boat’s various surfaces on scheduled intervals is necessary to extend the life of your fun on the water. It also keeps your boat’s appearance in mint condition every time you take it out for a spin. Who doesn’t want to look good boating? If you’re new to working on your boat or need a quick brush up, keep reading. We’re going to share the best, most effective products for cleaning and protecting boat surfaces in marine environments.

Protecting Boat Surfaces

Buildup of salt and dirt interferes with a metal’s ability to resist corrosion. Gelcoat and vinyl are porous surfaces, meaning they have the ability to absorb water, dirt, and grime from their surroundings. Unprotected vinyl seats are more likely to develop mold and more likely to fade and crack with frequent sun exposure. Lastly, fiberglass that is uncared for will stain and discolor more easily over time, notwithstanding simply degrade through oxidation and literally chalk away.

These are all reasons why cleaning off your boat’s many surfaces is the single most important step in protecting them. It’s important to understand that there are different types of cleaning solutions for different parts of your boat. It’s a dangerous belief that household bleaches and cleaners are OK to use on your boat; they might appear to do the trick at first, but in the long run they could end up causing unwanted deterioration.

To make protecting your boat a lot easier, PartsVu has assembled a list of recommended cleaning products intended for marine use.

Recommended Products For Cleaning Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding PolishMetals

Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding Polish This easy to use product is excellent for cleaning and polishing all metals. It removes dirt, rust, and tar, while not scratching delicate surfaces. The polishing compound is soaked into what resembles a big ball of cotton.

TIPCollinite Metal Wax : For extended storage, some DIYers leave the polish on the metal acting as a barrier to the elements until the boat is ready for use. The polish is then removed using a soft cloth wiping metal surfaces clean.

Flitz Polish Very popular for cleaning and polishing all types of metals, this product comes in a potent liquid formula. Flitz Polish works powerfully against rust, tarnish, water stains, grease, and tar.  

Collinite Metal WaxThis top of the line marine wax cleans and shines all metals while leaving behind a durable wax coating that further protects from the harsh and corrosive elements found in the marine environment.  


Recommended Products For Cleaning Vinyl303 Aerospace Protectant

303 Multi-Surface Cleaner Formulated for all fabrics, carpeting, and upholstery, this cleaner removes even the most difficult of stains including dirt, oil, grease, coffee, and ink. Even better, it rinses off residue free.

303 High Tech Fabric GuardThis spray on fabric protector restores water repellency to marine canvas. Simply spray it on your upholstery or carpeting and let it dry to protect against soiling, water based stains, mildew, and even sun damage.

303 Aerospace ProtectantSpecifically designed for marine use, this is the best vinyl protectant on the market. It offers superior UV protection and prevents fading, cracking, soiling, and staining. It also works on plexiglass, rubber, plastics, and leather.

Recommended Products For Cleaning Gelcoat/Fiberglass, Boat Decks, Hulls & Bilges

Starbrite Instant Hull CleanerRemove scumline, rust stains, and grassy marine growth quickly and easily with thiStarbrite Instant Black Streak Removers cleaner. You don’t even have to do any rubbing, simply wipe on and rinse off the solution to reveal spotless fiberglass.

Starbrite Instant Black Streak RemoverThis popular spray-on cleaner instantly removes unattractive streaks caused by water run off. It can also be used to lift dirt and grime on metal and painted surfaces in addition to fiberglass.

Marine Spray NineMarine Spray Nine Another convenient spray bottle cleaner, this product is an excellent degreaser. It also eliminates odors, kills germs, prevents mold, removes streaks and stains caused by food or drink. It’s safe to use on almost any hard surface.

Orpine Wash & Wax This environmentally friendly boat soap and wax comes in a highly concentrated formula so a little bit goes a long way. It’s an excellent product for removing salt and dirt from fiberglass as well as metals, wood, and plastic.

Starbrite Sea Safe Boat WashA cheaper alternative to Orpine, this boat wash is also concenOrpine Bilge Cleanertrated and very powerful against stains, dirt, salt, grease, and oil. In addition to fiberglass, you can use it on metal, glass, or rubber. 

Orpine Bilge CleanerThis heavy duty, concentrated cleaner dissolves oil, grease, and fuel from your bilge. With its fresh scent, it also effectively removes mildew odors from bilges.

Starbrite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner This is a high quality deck cleaning product that is used by the pros. It’s safe to use on textured fiberglass, painted decks, vinyl, teak, and metal. The cleaner leaves a protective coating that repels dirt, stains, and UV damage.



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