Ride the Wake and Other Fun on the Water

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Lovers of water sports have nearly unlimited options to enjoy their passion. Skiers, hydrofoilers and other water sport daredevils often the first to come to mind, but there are so many ways to enjoy the water. Thrill rides on exciting towables, relaxation and, of course, safety are all considerations. This posts shares some of the PartsVu community’s favorite water sports products and accessories.

Radical Towables & Ski Trainer

Tackle the Wake with the SportsStuff Chariot Warbird 

Chariot Warbird.jpgIts wide wingspans challenges even the toughest wake, while remaining one of the most stable rides on the water as the high backrests and multiple handles keep riders in place.

Airhead G Force Triple Rider Towable

Features a unique design with topside stabilizer fins and a heavy-duty Kwik-Connect for added safety. The Airhead towable has a rugged PVC bladder that is completely protected with a double-stitched nylon cover. It also comes with four deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards to offer a secure grip in wet conditions. Equipped with a Speed Safety valve, it can be quickly inflated and deflated.

Airhead EZ Ski.pngPut the Fun Back into Teaching Young Skiers with AIRHEAD EZ Ski

EZ Ski is a revolutionary inflatable water ski hybrid with integrated wooden water ski trainers and ski bindings. EZ SKI is engineered for stability while towing (10 mph maximum) allowing children to feel very secure.

Towing for a Smooth Ride

Doable Booster Ball.jpg

More Efficient Towing with SportsStuff Doable 4k Booster Ball

This advanced towing system features an inflatable buoy with tow rope connected to both ends to keep the tow rope out of the water the majority of the time while towing. This enhances the overall performance of most towables.

PartsVu offers a full selection of tow ropes for water skiers, wakeboards and towables. Select the option to best fit your needs.

Wakeboard Rope-1.gif

Water Ski Tow Ropes

Wakeboard Tow Ropes

Tube/Towables Tow Ropes


Relax & Unwind

Ultimate Relaxation on the Siesta LoungeSportsstuff Siesta Lounge.jpg

Take a snooze, hang your feet in the water to cool off, or put them up on the fold out seat cushion/leg rest for complete relaxation. The Siesta Lounge includes cup holders for two of your favorite beverages and plenty of storage for your sun tan lotion and other necessities.

Noodler 2 Person Lounge.jpgSportsstuff Noodler Pool N’ Beach Lounge

Relax with the all new two-person Noodler Lounge. Cool off, kick back and enjoy the comfort mesh seating while utilizing the built in cup holder for your favorite beverage. You can also flip the Noodler over and have a custom belly board to splash up some fun!

Effortless Inflation

12-Volt Portable Air PumpAIRHEAD 12V Air Pump.gif

This high-volume, 12-volt portable air pump inflates and deflates towables, boats, pools, mattresses and beach toys quickly and effectively. The universal valve fittings fit all popular valves and for added convenience, the cigarette lighter plug is equipped with a 10 ft. long power cord.

AIRHEAD Double Action Hand Pump 2.gifDouble Action Hand Pump

This double action pump inflates and deflates tubes, airbeds, boats, toys and other inflatables. It delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down strokes. This pump is a great manual option when a power source is not available and is optimal for topping off towables.

AIRHEAD Multi-Valve AIRHEAD Multi-Valve 2.gif

AIRHEAD Multi-Valve consists of 2 Boston valves with different thread patterns on the bottom and a Shrader valve with cap. One of the Boston valves is sure to fit the thread pattern of your inflatable, no matter what brand.

Safety First

Water Ski Flagairhead_water_sports_flag.jpg

This orange water ski flag is a high-visibility flag that meets all state and most local requirements. This flag is bright hunter’s orange and especially designed for superior optics. 

CIPA Fully Adjustable 4 x 8 Convex Suction Cup Mirror.jpgFully Adjustable 4″ x 8″ Convex Suction Cup Mirror 

Fully adjustable mirror. No holes to drill, no tools required and no scratching. Attaches to any clean, non-porous surface-dash, console or windshield mount.

Got Tricks? This Mirror is Designed to See Them AllComp Universal Boat Mirror-Cipa Mirrors.jpg

CIPA’s COMP Universal Marine Mirror was designed with competition water skiing in mind. With a convex mirror face, the captain is sure to see the skier perform all of the tricks, and of course, all of the wipe outs too. When it comes to water sports, being safe is just as important as having fun.

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