Racor’s Fuel Water Separation Solutions for Outboard Engine Performance & Longevity

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Perhaps stating the obvious, the purpose of a fuel/water separating filter is to separate water from fuel as the fuel moves through your fuel system. Why is this important?

Fuel that is corrupted with excessive water will greatly reduce your engine’s performance, and ultimately risk the ability for your engine to operate as well as reduce your engine life. Water in your fuel will gum up your fuel system, choke off the engine and could result in a tow home rather than happily motoring to your dock. Additionally, most modern gasoline contains at least 10% ethanol and if left untreated, ethanol-blended fuels break down leading to gum and varnish build up that cause internal engine corrosion.

The moral of the story is, without proper filtering and treatment, degraded fuel will leave damaging deposits throughout your fuel system and engine causing excessive wear and tear reducing engine performance and fuel efficiency.

So, what should you look for in a fuel/water separating filter? The following is a run-down of some of the common problems with fuel/water separating filters and how Racor tackles these issues.


Problem: Blocked Filter

Concern: Low quality media will perform poorly and can block 70% sooner than Racor media.

Racor Approach: Racor uses propriety Aquabloc® media that meets or exceeds water removal and particle efficiency requirements for OEM fuel injection systems.


Problem: Bypassing

Concern: Poorly constructed filters may bypass internally allowing dirty fuel and water to reach the engine.

Racor Approach: Racor uses high quality materials and production processes to ISO/TS16949 to eliminate bypass problems.


Problem: Split or Leaking Seals

Concern: Poor quality seals will swell excessively, leak, and may deteriorate within the service period.

Racor Approach: Racor uses high quality automotive grade gaskets and seals that are compatible with B20 bio-diesel (i.e. NBR, HNBR, and Viton®).


Problem: Dirty Fuel Reaching Engine

Concern: Inefficient filters will not protect the engine.

Racor Approach: Racor replacement filters will perform as designed for the application.


Problem: Water In Fuel Reaching Engine

Concern: Very few, if any, copycat filters perform to original equipment specifications.

Racor Approach: Racor uses the same media and materials in original equipment and replacement filters.


Problem: Cold Conditions

Concern: Poor quality pump diaphragms and seals will harden and cause leaking.

Racor Approach: Racor uses high quality materials that are rated for operating temperatures of -40° to +255°F (-40° to +124°C).


Problem: Cracked Head Casting

Concern: Poor quality head castings cannot cope with extreme environmental conditions and vibrations.

Racor Approach: Racor products are validated under extreme vibration and climatic conditions.


Problem: Contains Banned Substances

Concern: Some copy filters contain banned substances in the canister coating and plating.

Racor Approach: Racor canisters contain no banned substances and are validated under extreme salt spray and climatic conditions.


Problem: Cracked Clear Bowl

Concern: Copycat filter bowls are often made fro poor quality material that will crack under extreme temperature, chemical exposure, or continuous vibrations.

Racor Approach: Racor uses a unique durable clear plastic bowl material with high clarity, excellent UV protection, low and high temperature resistance, is impact resistant, and is impervious to all fuel types.


Problem: Filter Accessories

Concern: Unauthorized Racor copies do not always offer accessories. If they do, they are likely not tested.

Racor Approach: Racor has a wide range of filter accessories that are validated for integrity, EMC compatibility, and safety


PartsVu is proud to offer a wide variety of Racor filters and accesories.

Racor - 62-S3220TUL

Racor S3230TUL Replacement Filter

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Racor - 62-S3213

Racor S3213 Replacement Element

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Racor - 62-S3228TUL

Racor S3228TUL Replacement Element

Spin On Fuel/Water Seperators

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 Racor - 62-31871


Racor 31871 Replacement Fuel Filter

For Mercury Verado Outboards

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