5 Ideas for Pontoon Boating Fun


Pontoon boats are loved by so many boaters for their roomy and relaxed nature. Whether your desire is to have plenty of room to comfortably fish, or whether you love hosting family and friends, a pontoon boat is optimal for the occasion. Additionally, in many lake communities, pontoon boats are a great way to participate in the community and its activities.

While simply hopping on board and going out for a ride on your pontoon boat is great, we decided to offer you five ideas that might add some new twists to your pontoon boat adventures.


Poker RunPoker hand 2.jpg

A poker run is an organized event where participating boaters must visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each stop and the person with the best poker hand at the end of the end wins. Having the best hand and thereby winning the event is purely a matter of chance. The event has a time limit; however the individual participants are not timed.

Typically, poker run events feature food and drinks at each of the stops offering participants the opportunity to socialize with friends as well as to make new friends. There is typically a buy-in to participate in the event. Some events, the participant with the best poker hand simply wins the pot. However, increasingly, many poker runs are used to raise money for charity while everyone has a lot of fun in the process.


Progressive Dinner

Pontoon progressive dinner.jpgPontoon progressive dinners are a ton of fun. A group of pontoon boaters designate a location to tie boats together creating a dining floating barge of sorts. Each boat offers a different course and participants move from boat to engel-backpack-girl.jpgboat enjoying food, drink, conversation and great music always helps as well.

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 Pick a Theme 

Theme parties can be a lot of fun in many different settings, but pontoon boats offer the unique opportunity to decorate, offer cleverly presented food and drinks and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy. For instance, a Independence Day, tiki or luau are somewhat obvious options, but let your imagine run wild. Coordinate decorations, your menu, your drink selection and maybe even costumes with the selected theme.

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fiesta island.jpg


     How about a floating island party?

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Fire & Ice Party

How fun would it be to host friends on your pontoon boat, grill delicious fish, vegetables or your other favorite grille fare? Then, to top it off, serve delicious cocktails over ice. We particularly like Moscow Mules as a boat party cocktail because they are delicious, refreshing and can be served in a copper cup as they were designed to be served in – a real serving mug while, of course, having no glass on board.

Moscow Mules.jpgWe like Allrecipes’ Moscow Mule recipe because it is simple, basic and hits the spot. We happen to like Tito’s vodka, but use the brand of your choice. However, you do need to use a ginger beer like  Bundaberg, Fever Tree, Fentimans, Barritt’s and there are many other local and niche brands on the market. Ginger ale will not suffice as ginger beer is richer in flavor and is an upgrade that will be greatly appreciated. Moscow Mules can be served in plastic cups, but if you’re traditionalist, pick up some copper mugs at your local housewares store.

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Our blog post, “Techniques for Grilling on the Water,” offers our favorite grilled fish recipe.

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Kids Nature Cruise

Kids love being out on the water, but let’s face it, their attention span is often quite a bit shorter than ours. Relaxing and floating along, while wonderful for many of us, can quickly result in restless young ones. One way to keep them engaged is a nature cruise. Print out pictures of birds, animals, insescts, plants, trees and flowers native to the area you will be boating in and challenge the kids to see how many they can find. This is a great way to keep them occupied and if you also print out some information, it is a fun educational opportunity as well.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 2.01.56 PM.png

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