Quicksilver 3-Step Fuel Treatment System Corrects the Damaging Effects of Ethanol-Based Fuel

Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside your boat’s fuel tank? At PartsVu, we had this same question, so we went to the local gas station and picked up a gallon of regular 87 unleaded gasoline and brought it back to our shop for some experimentation. The results, as shown in the video, were concerning and clearly demonstrate the need for a comprehensive fuel-treatment program.

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However, the good news is that Mercury Quicksilver’s 3-step fuel-treatment system, composed of Quickare, Quickleen, and Quickstor, is expressly designed to combat the challenges presented by the modern fuels we all use.

#1 CleanMercury Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Additive

Keeping your fuel system clean and high-performing is the first step, and Quickare is up to the task. Quickare guards against rust, water accumulation, varnish and gum deposits. Keeping your fuel line clean means that your injectors spray a nice, even atomization of fuel, which allows your engine to perform at peak levels and contributes substantially to fuel economy.

Mercury Precision Care Quickare – 12 oz

Mercury Precision Care Quickare – 32 oz

#2 Deep Clean

Mercury Quicksilver Quickleen Fuel AdditiveQuickleen is more of an intermittent-use product, and it’s designed to deeply clean your engine’s components. This is an outstanding product for removing carbon buildup from your rings and valves, and it can extend the life of your spark plugs if you have a problem with them fouling. By removing carbon buildup, Quickleen also helps to increase compression and avoid stuck rings or sticky valves.

Mercury Precision Care Quickleen – 12 oz

Mercury Precision Care Quickleen – 32 oz


#3 Store

For those of you who live in colder climates and store your boats in the winter – or maybe you’reMercury Quicksilver Quickstor Fuel Additive taking a vacation, and your engine will be sitting for more than a few weeks – we strongly recommend using Quickstor. One ounce of Quickstor per five gallons of fuel will extend the shelf life of the gasoline in your tank by preventing a fuel-system breakdown, eliminating gum and varnish, and fighting the accumulation of moisture deposits due to ethanol-based fuels. The application is simple: Just add Quickstor to the tank, and run the engine so that your treated fuel is mixed well and flows throughout the system.

Mercury Precision Care Quickstor – 12 oz

Mercury Precision Care Quickstor – 1 gallon


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