Mercury Outboard Fuel Additives for High Performance and Long Engine Life

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Every boat owner wants their pride and joy to last a long time and to operate at peak performance. However, one of the areas that is often overlooked is fuel system care and maintenance. Fortunately, most boat owners pay very close attention to their engine oil. Outboard engines operate under extremely high-stress conditions, so proper lubrication is vital. However, your fuel system should be treated with the same consideration as fuel, like engine oil, circulates throughout your outboard engine and degraded fuel will leave damaging deposits throughout your fuel system and engine causing excessive wear and tear reducing engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Mercury Marine has a simple three-step system to assure that your engine is protected from the damaging effects of fuel breakdown.

Mercury Marine’s Three-Step Fuel Care System


Step 1 – Quickare

Quickare treats and stabilizes fuel at every fill up which is necessary because just about all gasoline today contains upMercury Quickare 92-8M0047930-1.jpg to 10% ethanol. Left untreated, ethanol-blended fuels break down leading to gum and varnish build up which causes internal engine corrosion. A bottle of Quickare keeps fuel fresh between fill ups for up to three months. It also cleans existing varnish and gum deposits within fuel lines, tanks, carburetors and fuel injectors, intake valves and spark plugs; as these deposits can significantly impede engine performance. Quickare also helps control moisture and corrosion problems associated with non-ethanol fuel. One ounce of Quickare treats 10 gallons of fuel, so a 12 ounce bottle treats 120 gallons.

Mercury Precision Care Quickare – 12 oz

Mercury Precision Care Quickare – 32 oz


Step 2 – Quickleen

Mercury_Quickleen.jpgThe second step within Mercury’s fuel care system cleans your engine and fuel system. All combustion motors develop carbon deposits and the best way to clean those deposits is to add Quickleen to your fuel tank. Simply add a bottle of Quickleen to your outboard fuel tank once per year to remove carbon deposits, prevent engine knocking, piston wear and tear and to extend spark plug life. Aggressive cleaners within Quickleen work to quickly and thoroughly remove carbon deposits from carburetors and fuel injectors, intake Mercury Quickstor Cropped.pngvalves, spark plugs, piston crowns and cylinder heads. One ounce of Quickleen treats five gallons of fuel, so a 12 ounce bottle treats 60 gallons. Quickleen does not contain fuel stabilizers, so it must be used in conjunction with Quickare to prevent fuel breakdown and oxidation.

Mercury Precision Care Quickleen – 12 oz

Mercury Precision Care Quickleen – 32 oz



Step 3 – Quickstor

Likely, there are periods when your boat is stored or is used infrequently.  If your boat will be sitting for an extended period of time, you need to add a fuel stabilizer like Quikstor to prevent both regular and ethanol-blended fuels from breaking down, oxidizing and causing fuel system corrosion. Before storage add a bottle of Quickstor to your fuel tank, then run the engine so that the treated fuel circulates throughout the engine and fuel lines. This extended fuel stabilizer prevents gum and varnish from forming in the engine, fuel lines and tank and stabilizes fuel for up to one year. One ounce of Quickstor treats five gallons of fuel, so a 12 ounce bottle treats 60 gallons.

Mercury Precision Care Quickstor – 12 oz

Mercury Precision Care Quickstor – 1 gallon


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