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6 Boat Party Ideas You Have to Try

Posted by PartsVu on Aug 3, 2017 10:14:15 AM

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Simply boating is a great deal of fun. But, sometimes we are all looking for some new ideas to host our friends and family. This post includes six ideas to spice up your next gathering.

Boat Scavenger HuntIMG_8779 2-299835-edited.jpg

Gather at at least 2-3 friends who also own boats - the more the merrier. Create a list of items your guests must find or actions they must perform. For instance, maybe they are asked to secure a pint glass from your favorite marina bar, strike a silly pose (photographic evidence required) on a specified docks and other items and actions of this nature. The first team to complete the list and make it back to home base wins!  Cold drinks and snacks are a requirement of any scavenger hunt. Our favorite products for this job are:

Engel Backpack Cooler - convenience and outstanding insulation at a great price

Kuuma Stainless Steel Tumblers - nothing better to keep your drinks cold


Murder Mystery Role Playing Game on the Water - Set Sail for DisasterSet Sail for Disaster Murder Mystery Game.jpg

Your players have been invited on a pleasure cruise by Captain Michael Von Ammon. The guest list includes a number of the Captain's friends, family members, and business associates, as well as the crew of the Captain's sixty-foot yacht, the Elizabeth May. Everyone is expecting an evening cruise replete with dinner, drinks, and dancing - they aren't expecting foul weather, the murder of the Captain, or a sudden shipwreck on a deserted island in the uncharted Caribbean.

You and your guests must work together to collect sufficient food and water, build an escape boat from the wreckage of the Elizabeth May and try to identify the murderer of Captain Von Ammon. - a really fun website -  sells the downloadable game kits.

In addition to the game, you will of course want to have plenty of food and drinks on board.Glasslike Tumblers.jpg

To safety serve drinks on the boats, while still maintaining style, we really like these glasses:

Glass Lookalike Tumblers - the look and feel of glass, but are actually unbreakable polycarbonate.


80's Music Party80s Party.jpg

Who doesn't love 80's music? Gather your friends and crank Micheal Jackson, Hall & Oats, Duran Duran, Prince and the other musical marvels the 80's ushered in. Want to go all out, encourage your guests to don 80's hair, turn up their collars and remember just how bad the fashion of the day truly was.

Want to crank up the sound with new speakers?

Go all out - JBL MS6520 6.5" Speakers

Good sound on a budget - Boss Audio MR60W 6.5" Speakers 


Fire & Ice Party

How fun would it be to host friends on your pontoon boat, grill delicious fish, vegetables or your other favorite grille fare? Then, to top it off, serve delicious cocktails over ice. We particularly like Moscow Mules as a boat party cocktail because they are delicious, refreshing and can be served in a copper cup as they were designed to be served in – a real serving mug while, of course, having no glass on board.

Moscow Mules.jpgWe like Allrecipes’ Moscow Mule recipe because it is simple, basic and hits the spot. We happen to like Tito’s vodka, but use the brand of your choice. However, you do need to use a ginger beer like Bundaberg, Fever Tree, Fentimans, Barritt's and there are many other local and niche brands on the market. Ginger ale will not suffice as ginger beer is richer in flavor and is an upgrade that will be greatly appreciated. Moscow Mules can be served in plastic cups, but if you’re traditionalist, pick up some copper mugs at your local housewares store. 

So, let’s start talking about the fire portion of our fire & ice party. We love the Magma Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill. Its

Magma Grill.pngrotating design allows you to determine which direction you would like the lid to open when grilling in windy conditions. You obtain perfect results through use of the adjustable height and the variable temperature control draft door assembly. Also, Magma's large selection of mounting options and accessories allowing you to customize your grill for your specific use.

Our blog post, “Techniques for Grilling on the Water,” offers our favorite grilled fish recipe.

Featured Products:

Kuuma 12oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 12.49.22 PM-1.png

Magma Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill - 15"

Magma Grill Cover 


Favorite Food & Drinks

What is a party without awesome food and drinks? Here are some of our favorites:Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops.jpg

Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops - quick, easy and why mess with glasses when you can have a cocktail on a stick?

Pasta Salad Skewers

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wraps


Who Needs a Theme?

Isn't relaxing on your boat or in a beloved swimming hole with friends enough of a theme? Gather your friends, some good food and head out. Floating islands are great ways to relax, socialize and enjoy your favorite summer beverage.

fiesta island.jpg

Our favorite floating islands:

SportsStuff Fiesta Island 

Airhead Cool Island





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