Guide to Trolling Motors


A trolling motor is a necessity for inshore saltwater fisherman as these handy devices allow you to be extra quiet while you easily maneuver to the best fishing spots. But, of the multitude of trolling motors on the market, which one is best for you? (more…)

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Recommended Electronics for Offshore Boating


Offshore boating offers the thrill of the open seas, adventure, the opportunity to travel long distances and the fun of pursuing the most challenging fish the ocean has to offer. While offshore boating has much to offer, it is also a more demanding undertaking than near-shore boating. Lacking shoreline visual reference points, long distance navigation, the unpredictability of the open ocean, and often nighttime travel, the offshore boater has considerably more safety and core navigational issues a play. Additionally, if catching fish is the goal, add the challenge of that pursuit to the offshore boater’s lists of complications. (more…)

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6 Boat Party Ideas You Have to Try

6 Boat Party Ideas You Have to Try.png

Simply boating is a great deal of fun. But, sometimes we are all looking for some new ideas to host our friends and family. This post includes six ideas to spice up your next gathering. (more…)

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Ride the Wake and Other Fun on the Water

Ride the Wake and Other Fun on the Water.png

Lovers of water sports have nearly unlimited options to enjoy their passion. Skiers, hydrofoilers and other water sport daredevils often the first to come to mind, but there are so many ways to enjoy the water. Thrill rides on exciting towables, relaxation and, of course, safety are all considerations. This posts shares some of the PartsVu community’s favorite water sports products and accessories. (more…)

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Quicksilver 3-Step Fuel Treatment System Corrects the Damaging Effects of Ethanol-Based Fuel

Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside your boat’s fuel tank? At PartsVu, we had this same question, so we went to the local gas station and picked up a gallon of regular 87 unleaded gasoline and brought it back to our shop for some experimentation. The results, as shown in the video, were concerning and clearly demonstrate the need for a comprehensive fuel-treatment program.


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5 Ideas for Pontoon Boating Fun


Pontoon boats are loved by so many boaters for their roomy and relaxed nature. Whether your desire is to have plenty of room to comfortably fish, or whether you love hosting family and friends, a pontoon boat is optimal for the occasion. Additionally, in many lake communities, pontoon boats are a great way to participate in the community and its activities.


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Personal Watercraft Maintenance Tips – Maximize Fun, Avoid Frustration


There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing than gearing up for a fun day of playing on the water, only to be confronted with an inoperable personal watercraft (PWC). Perhaps even worse, to get stuck out on the open water. But with some attention to simple maintenance, you will have many fewer problems and a lot more fun.


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Mercury Mercruiser Inboard Engine Care & Maintenance


Inboard and outboard engine maintenance share the important similarity of requiring regular maintenance to ensure long engine life and maximum fun out on the water. However, inbound engines are enclosed within the hull of the vessel, as opposed to outboard motors that are mounted outside the hull, and require some different maintenance steps.


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The Top 7 Personal Watercraft Accessories for Waverunners, Jet Skis & Sea-Doos

top 7 pwc acc header.png

Personal watercraft are so attractive to millions of watersports lovers because they are a great deal of fun. Whether you are a PWC enthusiasts who loves competitive racing, aggressive riding or just tooling around and having fun, some accessories are important for safety or for simply for enjoyable usage. This post contains the top 7 most popular PWC parts and accessories among PartsVu’s PWC customer base. (more…)

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Racor’s Fuel Water Separation Solutions for Outboard Engine Performance & Longevity

parker racor filter element new header 2.png

Perhaps stating the obvious, the purpose of a fuel/water separating filter is to separate water from fuel as the fuel moves through your fuel system. Why is this important? (more…)

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